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Last updated 29 Jun 2022
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Terms and Conditions

Players/Parents/Guardians are required to cooperate and facilitate with the Board of the S.C. Corinthians Football Inc ("The Club") by assisting on both practice and match days.

Registration and payment in Squadi is required each season in order to be deemed eligible to play.

The club reserves the right to suspend or expel from the club any player, member or parent/guardian for failing to abide by the rules, regulations and/or codes of behaviour. These documents can be found at

I agree to be held personally liable for any fines incurred by the club as a result of a breach of FQFWB and/or FBI rules by either myself, family or the player being registered on this form and agree to reimburse S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. for the full cost of any such fines. Any failure to pay these fines may result in expulsion from the club

The club reserves the right to withdraw any player that has not paid in full all Registration Fees by the nominated date. If you cannot pay full fees upfront, a payment plan is offered and must be organised. 

De-Registration/Refund Policy: Full refunds will be issued to players who cannot be registered with the club for any reason eg: lack of numbers. De-registration/transfer from the club/cancellation by any player will require clearance from the club. Any player wishing to cancel their membership with the Club will need to follow the Football QLD Registration Refund Policy.The documents can be found at Within this policy there is a possibility that the whole player registration fee will be forfeited if the player has played any games. The S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. fee will only provide a 50% refund on the "club fee" due to injury if the player has played less than 3 games. If more there will not be a refund.

Accident and Injury Disclaimer:

I/My child hereby agree(s) that S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. ("The Club") including any of its officers and/or members shall not be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury sustained by me/my child while playing at, or attending any function with, The Club. I understand that The Club carries only basic player’s insurance (provided through registration with FFQ and FFA) and that it is my responsibility to arrange additional insurance cover. The Club recommends that every player takes out their own private health insurance, life insurance and ‘Top Up’ coverage over and above the coverage provided under this plan. Gow-Gates can assist in regard to ‘Top Up’ insurance and other insurance requirements. It is my responsibility to ensure that ambulance cover is provided. Although players are covered by the FFA National Insurance Programme whilst playing or training, the Club will not be liable for any cost not covered by the FFA National Insurance Programme that shall be for the account of the players. I also give my permission for The Club to arrange medical attention for me/my child that may be deemed necessary including ambulance transport and I agree to pay for all such costs incurred. The Club agrees that it will do its utmost to contact me, if possible, prior to seeking medical treatment for my child, but I understand and accept that it may not be possible to do so in all circumstances. The Club agrees to contact me, or, if not contactable, my child’s emergency contact details, as soon as it is practicable to do so.


I/My child hereby apply(ies) for membership of S.C. Corinthians Football Inc. and undertake at all times to uphold and abide by the rules, resolutions, regulations and codes of behaviour of S.C. Corinthians Football Inc.

I/My child hereby apply(ies) to be registered as a player of The Club. 

I/My child agree(s) to abide by the rules of the Club’s Constitution and the FFA’s National Code of Conduct or other policies provided by either FFA, FQ, FWB, FBI or the club.

I/My child agree(s) to pay all costs associated with the collection of any outstanding debts I/My child has with the Club. 

I/My child agree(s) to accept the coach’s decision on placement and playing time within a team and that allocation of players to teams will be at the discretion of the Club and its Coaches.

Occasionally the Club may want to include individual and/or group photographs in marketing and information material or to be published on the Club’s website. Your consent for photographs of you or your child to be taken and used for these purposes is assumed unless you advise the club to the contrary. This can be done by completing an online form by clicking


It is vital that everyone involved in sporting activities, whether they are athletes, coaches, parents, officials or supporters understand their responsibilities to ensure that all participants enjoy the sport.

All members of our club including spectators and parents are to abide by these codes of conduct. These can be found at

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