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Last updated 29 Jun 2022
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Past Imports

The club has been lucky to have many overseas players play for the Alloway Football Club Inc. Some have left a lasting impression of the club and we feature them here. The club is thankful for what each have brought to the club.

John McKiernan

Nat: Irish

Played: 2007

The Irish man with a musical tone and philisophical outlook on life played midfield during his time at the club in 2007 before heading back overseas and forming his now famous band "Statues of Us". He has moved back to Australia and owns the successful business of Romance Outsourced. Website can be viewed here.


Jaime Metcalf

Nat: Ireland
Played: 2007

The 2nd man in the Irish trio, was an influencial figure in the centre of midfield and also quite a ladies man. Jamie's ability to woo a crowd was exceptional and his footballing ability was also a crowd pleaser. Jamie is now living back in Ireland, has married and is now pursuing a successful modeling career.


Mark "Manzo" Mansfield
Nat: Ireland
Played: 2007

The 3rd man in the Irish trio, Mark "Manzo" Mansfield was the ever cool, dominating defence weapon that helped the club win their first Sea FM Cup in many years. He is now back in Ireland and about to marry his childhood sweetheart. Last heard studying a degree at the Sallynoggin College Of Further Education.


Danny Tucker
Nat: England
Played: 2007-2008

The Chelsea loving English man played 2 seasons for the club in 2007 and 2008. He brought with him many adoring fans and drinking games. With his sublime ability to beat a player and skills likened to George Best, Danny helped Alloway FC win a SeaFM and NewsMail Cup during his time at the club and has proved to be one of our most successful imports to date. The master scored in both cups and brought the club the now famous "crab" goal celebration.

wim de maesshalack

Wim De Maesschalck
Nat: Belgium
Played: 2007-2008

Belgium born and huge of stature Wim was golden boot winner for the club in 2007 and also scored in the SeaFM Cup final. Wim moved back to Belgium in 2009 to pursue his pastural interests.


Andy Davis
Nat: England
Played: 2008

Andy followed Danny to the club in 2008 and won a NewsMail cup with the club. Attacking player scored a heap of goals for the club. Last photographed wearing an Alloway FC jersey that went missing. At least he has given the club some exposure over in England.

dsc 01137

Tim Wilson
Nat: England
Played: 2005

Tim Wilson played for Alloway FC in 2005 and went on to win a NewsMail Cup, after severely injuring his ankle in a match two days prior to the final. Tim applied to be senior coach in 2006 but went missing back to England and the club never heard from him again. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts please contact the club.


Loris Favrin
Nat: Italy
Played: 20010 & 2014

Loris joined the club in 2010 after guest stints with AC Milan and Juventus. The man with the golden touch and un-wavering hair, Loris gained respect from both team mates and coaching staff alike with his ability to find great positions on the field, hold up play and never go without his hair dryer at the end of every match. The club was happy to see Loris in 2014 and he started playing for the club, however he was due to leave half way through the season due to work. 


Richardo Monegato
Nat: Italy
Played: 2010 & 2015??

Ricky "Martin" Monegato as he became favorably known also joined Alloway FC in 2010 after putting pen to paper on a 12 month contract. Ricky joined his cousin and well known icon of Alloway FC, Livio "dad" Marin and became a rock in central defence. Ricky's feats included the golden boot winner of 2010 with his surging runs from midfield. After trialing in Melbourne, Ricky looks set to link back up with AC Milan in the summer.


Radike Nawalu Seruvatu aka "Dixie"
Nat: Fiji
Played: 1990-1991

Radike or Dixie as he was warmly known has to be one of the best strikers that Bundaberg has had the pleasure of watching pull on his boots. Dixie was part of the Alloway FC in 1990-1991 and the 1992 Fijian National side which played out a nil all World Cup qualifier against New Zealand in Nadi Fiji. Born in Fiji but brought over to Australia to play in the old Queensland State League Dixie was a formidable opponent for any defence around at that time. Alloway Football Club and past players have only praise for the former Alloway player.

Glen  Stack

Glenn Stack
Nat: England
Played: pre 2005 - 2015??

Glenn Stack is a fun loving, Englishman, who imigrated to Australia for warmth. A livid Chelsea supporter, Glenn has played in every senior division for the club and has been available throughout times, even when the body has not been 100%. He now works in Bundaberg as an electrician and has also coached during his time at Alloway FC. 


Arnaud Huillin
Nat: France
Played: 2013

Arnaud Huillin or the French master became a popular character during his time at Alloway. He came to Australia to learn English and provided the club, in return, good skill and friendship. 

chris pye

Chris Pye
Nat: England
Played: 2013 - 2015

Chris Pye joined the club in 2013 while travelling around Australia and working at Simpson Farms. In 2014 Chris was the club captain before a broken leg brought his season to an early end. Chris took on the role of treasurer for the Alloway Football Club in 2015 and played his 3rd year with the club, the longest playing time for an import behind Glenn Stack. Chris moved back to England to be with his family and has now married. We wish Chris all the best. 

martin flou

Martin Flou
Nat: Sweden
Played: 2013 - 2014

What more can you say about this man with the silky skills. Martin Flou and his best mate Felix turned up to training wanting to have a kick after being told by another club they would only play 2nds. Martin was too good for 2nds and became an integral member of the club over his 2 years at Alloway. The club was sad to see him go and have hope that he will return again to don the blue and white.

felix karlsson

Felix Carlsson
Nat: Sweden
Played: 2013 - 2014

Felix Carlsson, the best mate of Martin Flou, was a champion defender during his time at Alloway. Just like Martin, Felix became an integral member of the club and became a great mate to everyone. The club also hopes to see this great Swed don the blue and white again one day. 

matteo calcari

Matteo Calcari
Nat: Italy
Played: 2013 - 2014

jessica stegermaier

Jessica Stegermaier
Nat: German
Played: 2013 - 2014

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